“Our firm’s top priority is to ensure the security and confidentiality of our clients private data. For that matter, the quality and integrity of our professionals at the firm are of the utmost importance. We perform background checks on every employee from intern to C-level staff and have tried many different services in the last 5 years. We have found that while many others are “boiler template” and check off the basics, the work performed by Faith at Artemis Insight is by far the most thorough, comprehensive and detailed.” Financial Consulting Firm, Chief Operating and Financial Officer.

“Artemis Insight, LLC provides valuable information in a short format compared to other service providers that has become a great service to our company. We highly recommend Artemis Insight for all due diligence needs.” Financial Investment Firm, Compliance Officer.

“Faith Rubenstein (Artemis Insight) has been a key partner in the due diligence process of our investment firm for ten years. Her thoroughness, keen insights and clear presentation have contributed to our being recognized as achieving best practice in the area.” Fund of Funds, Founding Partner.

“We have found Artemis to be highly effective and discrete, and a source of valuable information when making critical decisions in various business settings.” Private Equity Firm.